[FAQ] [Guide] [Quest] Another Way to Break The Seal

I’ve received a lot of questions about the Brand-new quest for Mergaheph Ring in the Saints’ Requiem update. So I’ve decided to make a full guide for this quest :)

1. What’s this quest for?

  • Player who hasn’t got the Mergaheph Ring yet
  • Player who wants the ring but doesn’t want to waste time for hunting “Sealed Mergaheph’s Ring”
  • Player who wants to know the exact number of dungeons which he/she needs to do to get the ring
  • Player who is ready to pay Alz for the ring (as well as the fee for entries)

2. How to do?

  • Talk with NPC “Core Alchemist – Keller” in Bloody Ice.

Taking the Quest

  • You will get the DAILY quest “Another Way to Break The Seal”.

Quest Window

  • Now go to EoD B1F.
  • Kill the Mergaheph.
  • It will drop you the “Sealed Core with Mysterious Power” at 100% chance.

Sealed Core with Mysterious Power

  • You can collect up to 5 per day
  • If you get 5 of Cores, you can talk to NPC Keller, she will allow you to save them.
  • Repeat this daily quest in 10 days (or even longer – for ex: you can collect 2 cores in 1st day then the next day you collect 3 cores).
  • Remember than you can take / return the quest only ONCE per day.
  • When you have 50 cores.
  • Buy the Formula Card “Combination for Sealed Core (No. 1)” (99,000,000 Alz) (Formula Card system has been removed in Arcane Trace Update)

Formula Card : Combination for Sealed Core (No. 1)

  • Craft the “Sealed Mergaheph’s Ring”
  • Instead of buying Formula Card in NPC Keller, you need to go to NPC Chloe in Port Lux


  • Talk with her, select “Request Craft”
  • Search in the Recipe list, under 0~999 section, you will find the Seal Mergaheph’s Ring


  • You need to register it, it costs 99,000,000 Alz (or 5x Chloe’s Token) and then go request to craft it :) You will get the “Sealed Mergaheph’s Ring”
  • Return to NPC Keller, give her the “Sealed Mergaheph’s Ring” she will give you the REAL Mergaheph’s Ring
    • Because Keller gives you only the SEALED ring and the REAL ring can be obtained only once that’s why you can’t get 2 REAL rings.
  • Done!

The Mergaheph’s Ring

3. Notice!

  • If you have the ring already, the new quest is still accessible (you can take it) but there is no use because you cannot own two Mergaheph Rings.
  • The Formula Card is one-time-use, it will be vanished after crafting progress
  • You can take and do both quests (old/new) at the same time. So if you get the ring for the old quest first, you won’t have to pay Alz for the Formula Card “Combination for Sealed Core (No. 1)”¬†of new quest.
  • I repeat strongly this again : Because Keller gives you only the SEALED ring and the REAL ring can be obtained only once that’s why you can’t get 2 REAL rings.

Quest Item of Old Quest : Sealed Mergaheph’s Ring

Doing both at once