[KR] [EP15] Jan 27th 2016 Patch notes

Jan 27th 2016

■ Fixes

1. Fixed bugs related to quests

  • Changing nation bug that leads to unable proceeding is now fixed
  • Fixed quests related to NPC Skalid
  • Fixed bugs related to “ASC Card 2nd” quest

2. Fixed bugs related to voice chat system that leads to client disconnection

3. Fixed bug that displays abnormal data while reset stats point in Character UI

4. Fixed bug that did not show helmets in certain situations

■ Changes

1. Mercenary System Overhaul

This part focuses on Mercenary, you can take a look here on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ckk9Jbi1nkA

  • Changes to Mercenary UI

    • Display available / not available mercenaries and their informations
    • Add new “Transcendence” tab
    • Add new “Mercenary Management” button


  • Changes to existing mercenary

    • All mercenaries are unified with same grade (no more Normal / Rare / Epic / Unique)
      • Therefore, there is no more 4 type of “Gem of Summon”
    • Existing mercenaries have their own stats
  • Add 04 new types of “Transcendence” mercenaries

    • These mercenaries can be obtained by using new “Mercenary Card” which are craftable from “Mercenary Management” UI
    • Mercenaries can be upgraded through several ways
    • Mercenaries would be activated under certain conditions
    • Types & Details



  • Upgrading Mercenaries

    • Transcendence Mercenaries can be upgraded by raising level
      • Leveling Mercenaries can be done in “Mercenary Management UI”
      • Number of materials required for leveling up will be displayed
    • Mercenary Card Pieces
      • New collectible items
      • Drop in dungeons, including:


      • Pieces required for each upgrading level can be referred below


      • Upgrading results
        • Success rate: 100%
        • Based on level, each grade stats of Mercenaries raised
      • Can be upgrade up to 10 times
  • Mercenary Enhance

    • Along with upgrading, by Enhancing, Mercenary stats can be raised up
    • Mercenary can be enhanced via “Mercenary Management UI”
    • For enhancing Mercenary, “Training Ore” needed
    • Grocer NPCs in villages sell “Training Ore” for 10,000,000 Alz each
    • Number of “Training Ore” needed per level


    • Enhance Result
      • Success rate: 100%
      • Can be performed up to 4 times of enhance
      • On success, mercenary level will be reset to 1 (an will be able to upgrade again)
  • Mercenaries Crafting

    • New “Transcendence Mercenary” can be obtained by crafting
    • How to?
      • Right click on “Mercenary Card Piece”
      • Click “Mercenary Management” in Transcendence tab of Mercenary UI
      • 30 Mercenary Card Pieces are required for making Mercenary
    • Result
      • Success rate: 100%
      • New Mercenary Card will be appeared in inventory
  • Changes to old Mercenary Cards

    • Old cards will be transformed into new ones on first connection to server
    • Old cards in Auction Hall will be transformed on re-registration
    • Quests for obtaining Covenant Mercenaries (Character mercenaries) are removed


2. Change the Store menu in a separate guild button

  • Add “Guild Shop” button in Guild Compensation UI
  • Remove “Guild Shop” in guild menu


■ Additions

1. Add new scenario quest for 186-189 level


2. Add the ability for removing a filled quick slot using Hotkey

  • Allow removing a registered slot by holding Ctrl while clicking on the slot



[KR] [EP15] Dec 23rd 2015, Jan 06th and 08th 2016 patch notes

Dec 23rd 2015

  • Add new scenario quests from 151 – 179

Jan 06th 2016

  • In detailed UI for stats, displays:
    • Attack Ability: Red Color
    • Defense Ability: Blue Color
  • Changes were applied for several scenario quests


Jan 08th 2016

  • Add new field bosses for Senillinea, 04 bosses, for each map area
    • Bosses are at level 220 and 225
    • Bosses are spawned at: (subject to be changed)
      • 09:00
      • 12:00
      • 18:00
      • 21:00

[KR] [EP15] Dec 10th 2013 patch notes


■ Changes

1. Improvements for Character Information UI

  • Changes related to Character Stats Details UI
    • Add shortcut: Alt + C
      • Character Stats Details UI will be shown
    • Allow to move the Character Stats Details UI position on the screen
  • Quick Slot Expansion
    • Add new Quick Slot Expansion buttons
    • Can be switched between Quick Slot tabs by using buttons I, II, III

2. PvP battle-related changes

  • Add new restriction for participating PvP battles
    • Level: 100+
    • Skill: Transcender
  • HP/MP Boost changes
    • HP boost: 5 times
    • MP boost: 3 times


■ Additions

1. Add a new field “Sellenia”

  • Entry
    • Character with level 190+
    • NPC: Port Manager – Porter (Port Lux)
    • Premium Warp: Available
  • Features:
    • Procyon / Capella starting points are separated

2. Add feature to allow changing battle style

  • Able to buy from NPC Event Yul in test server
  • Able to change battle style of character
  • Condition: Character must be in range of 100-170
  • Effects of the Battle Style Change Kit
    • Initialise Ability
      • Reset all Stats Points
      • Stats points will be returned
    • Initialise Skills
      • All Attack / Secondary / Upgrade skills are deleted
      • New skill books will be given (character binding)
      • 70,000,000 Alz will be granted
      • Saints’ Weapon, Aura Mode, Bike/Board skill won’t be changed
    • Rune changes
      • Conversion between Sword / Magic runes
      • Essence Runes / Blended Runes will be converted if needed
        • E.g. : Changing from WA to WI:
          • Attack => Magic Attack
          • Sword Skill Amp. => Magic Skill Amp.
          • Sword Dance => Force Dance
    • No changes
      • Amount of Alz / Force Gems / Cash
      • Inventory / Storage / Bike Storage
      • Achievement
      • Character Level / Hounor
      • AP / DP

3. Adding new accessories

  • Amulet of Resist


  • Vampiric Earring +9 / Earring of Guard +9 / Ring of Luck +4 / Critical Ring +4


4. Add new two kinds of Holy Water

  • Holy Water of Heroes
    • All Attack Up +40
    • Defense +40
    • All Skill Amp. Up +7%
  • Holy Water of  Extreme
    • Increase Critical DMG +14%
    • Increase Critical Rate +5%



[EP15] [KR] Dec 03rd 2015 Patch notes

■ Fixes

1. Fixed bug  that caused abnormal skill effects

  • Wizard:
    • Battle Mode 3 Activation Skill
    • Elemental Attack A, B
    • Special Attack Step 3
  • Force Blader:
    • Seal of the Damnation

2. Fixed bug that caused client disconnection when trying to receive mails

■ Changes

1. Improve the character information window

  • Stats changes will be shown while moving mouse over basic stats
    • STR / INT / DEX
    • Stats changes are different based on character class


  • Primary stats are shown at the end of Character UI
    • Show only primary stats
    • Stats
      • ATK/MATK
      • SSA/MSA
      • Crit Rate / MCR
      • CDMG
      • DMG Reduce
      • Accuracy
      • Penetration


  • Stats Details button
    • Able to see full stats details
      • Character Stats Details UI can be shown by clicking on button
      • Details Stats are separated into 3 main categories
        • Attack Stats
        • Defense Stats
        • Self-ability Stats



2. Improve registration of Auction Hall

  • When registering new items, add “Average Recent Price” / “Current Lowest Price”
    • Average Price this week
      • Average price of this week will be calculated and displayed
    • Current Lowest Price
      • Allow performing request for lowest registered price
  • Allow filling price automatically by selecting radio button in front of prices


3. Improve Skill Training UI

  • New Skill Training UI
    • Skill Training UI can be shown when holding Ctrl button and clicking on + / – button
    • Skill Point and Alz will be displayed, support for bulk training
  • Old buttons + / – still work like existing  (one step per click)


4. The “View Equipment UI” now shows the “Attack Ability / Defense Ability” stats


5. Item Requesting Optimised

  • All recipes in Chloe now can be requested in a shorter time
    • Minimum: 6 seconds
    • Maximum: 30 seconds


6. Changes the item property of Orb of Ruin and Orb of Destruction

  • Orb of Ruin and Orb of Destruction are now tradable
  • Orb of Ruin and Orb of Destruction can be registered in Auction Hall (in Manufacturing-related items > General Materials)
  • On client first connection after update, all old items will be changed  into tradeable (remove the “Character binding” property)


■ Additions

1. Ring of Luck +2, Critical Ring +2 are droppable in some dungeons

  • Tower of the Dead B1F
  • Illusion Castle Underworld

2. Add Meritorious Mastery reset function

  • Allow players resetting Meritorious Mastery, if there is no Merit Point used, the button will be disable
  • Feature can be performed by consuming Force Gem
  • Each category can be reset separately, or all at once
    • All Mastery
    • Evasion Ignorance
    • Accuracy Ignorance
    • Damage Reduce Ignorance
    • Penetration Ignorance


3. Additional message related to Customisation Beads

  • Messages will be shown on expiration of Customisation Beads