[KR] [EP17] Nov 16th 2016 Patch notes

■ Changes

1. Character Rebalance

  • Add the distance information in the tooltip of Dash/ Blink/ Fade
  • Warrior
    • Increase “Attack” bonus from skill “Soul Blade”
      • At level 20, add 104 Attack
    • Merge attack buff skills
      • Target:
        • Art of Shout
        • Fury Shout
    • Increase range of Axe Attack Skill A / B
  • Blader
    • Increase “Attack” bonus from skill “Soul Blade”
      • At level 20, add 104 Attack
    • Change of the effect of “Knuckle Fatal Skill – I”
      • Change the Knockback to Down
    • Increase range of Knuckle Attack A / B
  • Wizard
    • Revise the range of Blink skill
    • Increase “Magic Attack” from skill “Force Increase”
    • Change the “Piercing Skill” stats
      • At level 20: +60 Penetration
    • Merge “Force Increase” and “Hardness” skill
  • Force Archer
    • Launcher Skill Attack A / B
      • Accuracy +240 (at Level 8)
      • Critical Damage +8%
    • Change Synergy: AABA
      • Name: Intensive Fire
      • Stats:
        • Own:
          • HP – 300
          • MP -300
        • Target:
          • Critical Rate -5%
          • Critical Damage -10%
    • Merge “Sharpness”, “Offensive Bless” and “Precision”
    • Merge “Blind”, “Lower Defense” and “Curse Remove”
  • Force Shielder
    • Change the stats of “Art of Defense”
      • Change “cannot move” to “cannot use movement skill” for 36 secs
    • Raise the “Shield Harden” defense
      • At level 20: 97 defense
    • Raise the “Might Wish” skill
      • At level 20: 240 attack
  • Force Blader
    • Change the skill “Mana Freeze”
      • Change stats:
        • Add stats: -50 Damage Reduction (at level 20)
        • Target: Monster & Character
    • Merge “Blind”, “Lower Defense” and “Curse Remove”
  • Gladiator
    • Add new skill “Adrenaline of Rage”
    • Change to “Heal” skill
    • Change the range of of “Genocide Fatal Attack Skill 1/2/3”

2. Add summary information for “Merit Mastery”

  • Stats in WHITE: Stats in Mission War
  • Stats in ORANGE: Stats outside
    • When “Expansion” skill applied

3. Remove the “Skill Rank-up Condition”

4. Change Mergaheph’s quest ring to “Tradeable”. Sealed core of Mergaheph is still “Character-binding”

[KR] [EP17] Sep 28th 2016 Patch notes

■ Additions

1. Added “Overload Mastery” system (aka Transcendence Mastery)

  • Available for character at Level 200
  • Overload EXP
    • Character at level 200 can receive OXP
    • The same mechanism for obtaining OXP like EXP
    • Cannot exchange by the WEXP
    • Cannot gained by receiving the Quest Reward
    • Add the option to hide the OXP – EXP received in game
      • 20161003_ep17_oxp_msg
    • Do not affect on Mission War tiers
  • Overload Point
    • When OXP reached limit, Overload Point will be rewarded
    • Overload Point can be used for leveling up stats of characters by learning Overload Skills, there are two Overload Skill categories
      • Attack skills
        • 20161003_ep17_om_atk
      • Defense skills
        • 20161003_ep17_om_def
    • Overload Mastery UI can be accessed through CABAL Menu > Overload Mastery
      • 20161003_ep17_om_ui
  • Details of Overload Skills
    • Players who reach level 200 can train the skills domain by receiving points.
      • Attack
        • 20161003_ep17_om_skill_attack
      • Defense
        • 20161003_ep17_om_skill_defense
    • Reset of Skills
      • You can do the reset for Overload Mastery with 100 Force Gem

2. New force code: Ignore Resist Critical Rate

  • New force code is available in game
  • Obtained through Overload Mastery
  • Ability: Reduce “Resist Critical Rate” of target
  • Added in the Character Stats UI

3. Game UI

  • Added OXP Bar
    • After reached 200, EXP bar will turned into Yellow indicating OXP
      • 20161003_ep17_oxp_bar
    • Added tooltip for mouse hovering

[EP17] Sep 22nd 2016 Patch notes

■ Changes

1. Updated the requirement for a quest in “Abandoned City”, change the item needed from 10 to 5

2. Change the “Request UI”

  • Display the request result
    • Old: Number of slots / Success slots / Fail slots / Free slots
    • New: Number of requested / Success slots / Fail slots
  • Initialisation
    • The counter will be reset if
      • Counter is greater than 999
      • Player closes the Request UI
        • Exception: The requesting is being in-progress counter won’t be reset



■ Additions

1. Add new equipment grade: Palladium* (in some servers, this set has been introduced, but in Korean this is the prime time. Previously in Korean Cabal, Palladium was implemented as Chaos Equipment but then has been abandoned)

  • Obtain:
    • Can be obtained from Relic, Legacy and Legendary Box in Abandoned City
    • Can be obtained from normal monsters in Abandoned City
  • Requirement:
    • Level: 155
  • Details
    • Weapon
      • 20160922_ep17_palladium_weapons
    • Armor
      • 20160922_ep17_palladium_armors
    • Epaulet
      • 20160922_ep17_palladium_epaulets



2. Auction Hall & Personal Store support stats comparison

  • Like the Auction Hall, Personal Store now support for stats comparison
  • Trigger: Alt + Mouse-over



3. Convenient features for Cash Inventory and Special Inventory

  • Mass-receive
    • Trigger: Alt + Left click
    • System allows provide the number for receiving
    • Maximum items will be set as default (which are in the current page of the inventory)
      • E.g.: Cash Inventory at page 4, you have 8 slots, with 3x Vouchers and 5 Merit Boxes
        • Alt + Left click on a Merit Box, 5 will be set as default number
  • Allow linking to chat
    • Trigger: Ctrl + Right click


■ Mission War

1. Neutral monsters (Guardian of Gold) are marked in the GPS Map of Memoria Chrysos

  • In Battle field
    • Icon will be shown by default
      • Move the mouse over for tooltip
  • In Lobby
    • Icon won’t be shown unless click on the “Show icons”
      • No tooltip

[KR] Developer Interview: Update road-map for 2016



It’s quite a long time since the last time I do the interview with the developer team. This interview will be for the incoming updates in 2016, and all of information are really promising🙂


The summer is ending soon, we (development team) have already finalised all contents for the first half of 2016 and here we will share the plan for the incoming updates.



The new battle style “Gladiator” is out for almost 3 years, now is the time for the new battle style. In opposition with Gladiator which is a sword-based class, the new battle style will be magic-based class. This new class will use Battleset armor like Force Blader and Force Archer.


It’s quite a long time since Level 200 have been introduced, many of new contents will be released through the incoming updates, from the mission dungeons to the mission fields, all of them will be boosted with special contents in order to maximising the enjoy of players.


Chaos Equipment was introduced in 2015, however due to the high-rate of failure while upgrading with Chaos Core, the Chaos Equipment has been abandoned. This time our development team is working on the new equipment concept, which will help you to clear the high-graded dungeons like Abandoned City and Elite Dungeons faster and smoother🙂 But don’t be eager so fast, you need to spend time and effort to make them be awesome😉

This time we will “re-use” the appearance of Chaos Equipment and make it as Palladium set, it’s one grade higher than Archridium. The new equipment can be obtained from the Abandoned City.


* Please be noted that in Korean Cabal, there is no Palladium set at this moment!

We can definitely see that dungeon farming is one of the most favourite activities in Cabal. We are going to introduce a brand-new dungeon mode which is “Dungeon Defense” which is really popular these days in different games.


In additions, we are going to revise other contents which lead to the huge difference between rich and poor players, for example Chaos Core upgrade is one among them. Currently we are struggling for finding out the ways to increase the value and weight of the equipment to continue to address this problem.


In the few next months, you can expect to get a lot of changes in CABAL, stay tuned! Be always with CABAL❤ Love you all, CABALers!