[KR] Cabal Summer Update 2015

REMEMBER: Here are information for Korean Server, not for other server. First these contents will be available in Korean Cabal Test Server, later will be pushed to Korean Cabal Public Server. And months later will be available for others. Thus, the “Summer Update” that stated here might be “Christmas Update” or “Spring Update” of most of servers :P




Summer Update

Story & Quests

Up until now, quests for level 100+ were added.
As we’ve seen, Nevareth is now divided into Capella and Procyon…
There will be more quest of the areas outside Nevareth…
Beside Yuan and Arionel, there will be new “heroin” will take part in the story of CABAL.
<Spoiler> Later, this winter, a brand-new field map will be released as well (of course with plenty of contents)

General quests are added as well, next tier we will focus is from 130+ (up to 150), so you can expect that leveling will be a bit easier…

New Mission War Battle

It was quite a long time since we added Tierra Gloriosa. Now is the time for the next Mission War Battlefield :)
Let’s say … Capture the … GOLD?!

The missions will be Gold Production, Gold Transportation and Base Protection :)
The duration might be shorter than Tierra Glorisa but the game play is much more funnier :P

PVP Battle Area?

There are many kinds of PvP Battle systems are available in CABAL. But people still like the normal PvP in Bloody Ice :P
Will the new PvP map solve that problem?

New Dungeon Mode: Elite

New dungeon mode: Elite will be added, of course with the high difficulty but the compensation will be really GREAT! Let’s see… an item that let you extend the Essence Rune slot? Sounds promising?


Tons of updates, improvements and fixes are coming but can’t let you know all of these things :P Wait and looking forward :P

Thank you. ^^ ♥

[EP13P2] [KR] Chaos Equipment Removal


■ Removal of Chaos Equipment

  • From June 10th, after regular maintenance, Chaos Equipment will be removed
  • NPC who sells Chaos Equipment will be removed.
  • Trading Chaos Equipment will be impossible.
  • Drop of Chaos Equipment will be removed from drop tables.
  • Affected items:
    • Chaos Weapons
    • Chaos Armor
    • Epaulet of Chaos

■ Reason for removal

  • Unbalance in comparison with old items
  • Hard to upgrading (low chance of success)
  • Will be replaced by new item/items

■ Compensation for removal (affect only Korean Servers)

  • Compensation for items, upgrading fee
  • No compensation for destroyed items
  • Depends on Chaos Equipment upgrade level, compensation will be varies

More information to come/

[KR] [EP13P2] Mar 11th – Mar 18th 2015 Patch notes


Mar 11th 2015 Patch notes

■ Fixes

1. Fixed bug that related to the achievements and title system

2. Fixed bug related to “Superior Odd Circle” which are sold in In-game Cash Shop

3. Fixed bug that caused abnormally boosting stats when using Epic Booster on Osmium / Red Osmium items

■ Changes

1. Changed that on client disconnection features that casted by Force Gem would not be discarded

2. Changed achievement related to “Rare set”

  • Old:
    • Name: Rare Set
    • Condition: Equip 4 items of Shineguard / Terragrace / Mystic set
  • Change:
    • Name: Rare / Chaostic Set
    • Condition: Equip 4 items of Shineguard / Terragrace / Mystic set or Chaos set


■  Additions

1. Add new achievement for Chaos Epaulet

  • Name: Last puzzle of Chaos
  • Condition: Looted Chaos Epaulet (Guardian/Fighter/Sage)
  • Compensation: 50 achievement points


Mar 18th 2015 Patch notes

■ Fixes

1. Bugs related to Dungeon Boost feature

  • Fixed bugs that caused unable to change boost level after canceled a boosted dungeon
  • Fixed bugs that caused abnormal boost level was applied for dungeon in certain situations

2. Fixed bugs that caused abnormally stats were applied while upgrading Chakram

  • SIG-Metal Chakram
  • Archridium Chakram

 ■  Changes

1. Character Rebalance

  • Force Shielder
    • Attack increased on Battle Style Level Up
      • Old: 6
      • Change: 7
    • Attack increased per Might Wish skill level
      • Old: 4
      • Change: 6


    • Additional effect for Synergy Battle Mode 3 : “Disarm”
      • Increase Critical Damage + 10%
  • Force Blader
    • Attack increased on Battle Style Level Up
      • Old: 6
      • Change: 7
    • Attack increased per Fire Blade skill level
      • Old: 6
      • Change: 7
    • Change effects for Synergy Battle Mode 3: “Deadly Strengthening”
      • Remove:
        • -10% Critical Damage of Target and Self
      • Add:
        • -50 Defense
        • +20 Penetration
  • Gladiator
    • Attack increased on Battle Style Level Up
      • Old: 6
      • Change: 7
    • Changes related to Vital Generation
      • Old: At level 20, heal 100 HP per Rage
      • Change: At level 20, heal 150 HP per Rage
    • Bonus Attack increase per Rage
      • Old: 4
      • Change: 5
    • Attack Rate/Defense Rate increased per Mortal Combat skill level
      • Old: 26 Attack Rate / 13 Defense Rate
      • Change: 30 Attack Rate / 15 Defense Rate
    • Add new effect for Battle Mode 3 – Stage 3
      • If attacking single target, damage will be increased

 ■  Additions

1. Add feature to grant option to Costume

  • Enable to grant option to Costume
    • Only available for Clothing Costume
    • Not available for Heads Costume and Weapons Costume
  • Adding slots to costume
    • Costume Slot Converter is needed for extending slot
    • Costume Slot Converter
      • Is sold by NPC Chloe
      • Price: 10x Costume Cloth Pieces
      • Will be consumed after converting
      • Can be used to extend up to 3 slots for each costume (many times but max is 3 slots)
      • Result
        • On success: New slot is granted
        • On failure: Nothing happends


  • Option Granting
    • Allow granting option to costume
      • Accessible from Core Alchemist in Towns
      • Able to grant to costume with free slot(s)
      • Consumes Force Core (Highest)
        • Success Rate increases 2.5% per core
      • Use Option Scroll (Costume)
    • Able to grant up to 3 options


    • Success rate
      • No same option: 49% – 74% (49% is basic, for each core, 2.5% will be increased, up to 74%)
      • One same option: 24.5% – 49.5%
      • Two same options: 12.25% – 37.25%


    • Fee
      • First slot: 500,000 Alz
      • Second slot: 1,000,000 Alz
      • Last slot: 2,000,000 Alz
    • Options and stats


  • Obtaining Option Scroll (Costume)
    • By Extraction
      • Extracting Costume gives Costume Cloth Pieces
      • Extracting Costume gives chance to get a random Option Scroll (Costume)
  • Related Items
    • Costume Safety Kit
      • Able to stored all costume granted options (like Pet Safety Kit)
      • To store options, right click on Costume Safety Kit then click on Costume
      • All options of the costumes will be moved to the Costume Safety Kt
        • All Costume slots will be cleared after use the Safety Kit (number of slot won’t change)
        • Costume Safety Kit will be turned into Costume Capsule, and it will hold all options of the previous Costume
    • Costume Capsule
      • Stores options from a costume
      • Output of the Costume Safety Kit
      • Can be used to restore options to a Costume with same number of slots
      • Unable to equip / Account Binding
    • Costume Capsule Sealing
      • Use to seal Costume Capsule
      • Sealed Costume Capsule can be traded freely


2. Add new daily quests

  • Daily quests for low level that give out dungeon entry items as compensation
    • From 55-74: Compensation: Map Part
    • From 70-89: Compensation: Muster Card: Ruina Station
    • From 85-104: Compensation: Epaulet of the Dead B1F
  • Daily quests for high level that give EXP as reward
    • Can be received from Officer Henkoff – Bloody Ice
    • From 151-160: 16,167,690 EXP
    • From 161-170: 40,939,145 EXP
    • From 171-180: 111,828,048 EXP
    • From 181-190: 329,333,752 EXP
    • From 191, 192,… 199: Compensation: 1% EXP of that level
      • For example, from 199-200 needs 200,000,000,000 EXP, quest will compensate 2,000,000,000 EXP

[EP13P2] [KR] CABAL Online reveals Amethyst Charm

CABAL Online has revealed a brand-new type of Minesta Charm : Amethyst.


Up until now, this new kind of charm can be obtained as the rare loot from new Boss of Arcane Trace (as you can see Arcane Trace got renewal in Episode 13 Part 1 – Unlimited – can be found here).

Scheduled timing for Awakening Arcane Golem of Rage was now changed, instead of a mass PvP battle, it’s now turned into timing boss (like other uber-bosses such as Minisha, Manticore…)

According to the news source, Amethyst Charm which came from Golem is non-bound item, so players can trade it easily.

Details stats are still not available but the unique stats will boost for Penetration.

More information are coming as soon as possible.