Today, I will introduce you some info about the Special Inventory of Cabal :)

First, this is the unique feature of Cabal KR, using for special Net Cafes (aka PC Bang). But for globalization, KR Developer made a special Blessing Beads to let that feature out of KR ;)

That’s the Special Inventory Blessing Beads

After activate the BB, at the special intervals, you will get a FREE item! In the game UI, there will be a count-down gauge to let you know when will the next moment you get the reward.

When it counts to 00:00, you can check your Special Inventory, access it via Cabal Menu :)

In the inventory, you can see your rewards. You can store up to 16 pages with 8 items each page in the Special Inventory.

I will list the possibilities of  rewards in a future post :)

Have fun ;)