OK so the Cabal Expansion – Part VI : Arcane Trace is now live on public servers. Let’s heading to the next update :) Below are some intentions from Korean Developers. Wanna check it out ?

The information of the next update will be separated into 4 parts, each will be revealed day by day. Stay tune for more ;)


Hmm while waiting, share your own opinion here


May 28th 2012 : First Part is Unlocked : Mission War Reform / New Mission War

- From now until this Winter the new Mission War are being in progress of developed.

- The new Mission War might be different from the current Mission War (TG) system. Might be in the large terrain.

- The ways to battle and claim the victory are promising ;)

- And by the way, there will be some changes to the War Leader (not only Bringer, might be more) and the Legacy Weapon.

May 29th 2012 : Second Part is Unlocked : Mass-Battle Adjustment

- So until now (in Korean Cabal) there are two Mission-Field : Saints’ Island and Arcane Trace. There are differences between them but both of them are field which included Mature content (violence, player-killing). That reduces the amount of player who can participate in (based on some Age-restrictions in several countries). So in the Next update the content of Battles will be revised to be more legal with younger players.

- By the way the idea of making new special Buff as reward for both Battles is being planned as well as the adjustment of monsters / bosses in Battle Fields.

May 30th 2012 : Third Part is Unlocked : New Mission-Dungeon? New Item Grade?

- Yep, sounds promising ;) The Tower of Undead B3F is now under-development. It will be a new party-mission-dungeon which will introduce  some gameplay changes…

- Is that all? Nope chill down mates! You can expect for brand new item grade, better than Mithril! And might reform the Marquinas Outpost drop table.

May 31st 2012 : Fourth Part is Unlocked : Buffs / Stats / Battle Modes Revamp

- Are you boring of those old buffs which you use everyday? Yep, for sure! They are being under-revision. Let’s say… may be 2 buffs per character will be revised ;)

- Stats? We are all familiar with STR / INT / DEX. How about brand new stats? This point is under-revision too :)

- Battle Mode? You understand this for sure. After the introducing of BM3, old BMs seems to be more crap (most). They will be reconstructed to be balanced in some ways.

Still want to know more about EP10?

Let’s wait until it available on the Test Server of Korean Cabal.